The Kupu Kupu Foundation was formally established in 2000 and is improving the lives of children, young people and adults with disabilities in Bali. Their support includes:

  • Assist with medical care by providing medicines, physiotherapy and surgical operations.
  • Provide wheelchairs and other physical aids.
  • Adapt facilities to be easier to use by people with disabilities.
  • Increase the awareness in the local community of the challenges faced by people with disabilities.
  • Get disabled children to school by providing the necessary support that they need.
  • Help disabled adults and students to become more independent through job training and support. They do this by selling and promoting handicrafts that they make.

The vision

Children and adults with disabilities in Indonesia are supported and integrated into society where everybody works together to create a better world.

The mission

To take practical steps to improve the lives of physically and mentally disabled children, adolescents and adults in Bali, Indonesia.

You can help out by staying in their Ubud Accommodation Click Here  or by making a donation Click here .

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