Here are my tips for what to pack:

1. Bring your own portacot to ensure cleanliness and safety standards (or hire one from the gorgeous Helena at

2. Bring swimming nappies, preferably cloth ones to help reduce rubbish in Bali ( they are available however they are expensive and hard to find) and dirty nappy bags.

3. A mosquito net for cot is a must.

4. Bring a stroller which can lay back, has a sunshade and can collapse easily into a taxi.

5. Bring a sling like a Baby Bjorn for when your babies are tiny, they are great  for the airport as well.

6. Bring muslin sheets or use the Villa or Hotel sheets in the cot.

7. Bring  wipes as the ones in Bali are highly perfumed.

8.Take some nappies for the plane however you can purchase Huggies or Mama Poko which where my preferred brands to use.

9. You could take a large container with a lid to disinfect bottles ,dummies and baby spoons etc with Milton tablets.

10. Take your own preferred brand of Formula ( I wouldn’t be trusting labels you can not read or understand and many brands in Indonesia have loads more sugar).

11. My babies mostly spent time in a nappy with a long sleeve T-shirt for sleeping in, so don’t take too many clothes.

12. An infant friendly mozzie repellent( citronella stickers or natural spray are both available in Bali at Chemists and Supermarkets) and sun cream ( suncream is available in Bali however it is not up to Australian Standards or offer both UVA and UVB protection).

13.  Bring Floaties and a wide brimmed hat

14. Bring Hydrolyte icy-poles to keep toddlers hydrated.

15. My babies ate mashed banana’s, mangoes, yogurt, rice , fruit, toast, pancakes etc however you can purchase baby food in jars in many places or I can highly recommend Mini Muncher Bali who will deliver frozen natural baby food to your hotel or villa.

16. I would take baby rice cereal, however you can purchase in Bali however the ingredients are often in Indonesian.

17. You can get fresh milk, soy milk and rice milk in Bali.

18. A sarong is very handy to use as a sheet or sunshade.

19 I would take a small bottle of your preferred baby soap and shampoo from home as in Bali it is  not quiet the same and I would wash them in the bathroom sink to attempt to avoid them swallowing any tap water. Really, it is only their bottoms that need a wash anyway.

20. Take some baby Nurophen, baby Panadol although readily available in Bali, the dosage is tricky if written in Indonesian and traffic can be slow at times so with an unwell baby/toddler a little pain relief in an emergency on the way to the Bali International Medical Centre may be handy.

Love from LMB xxx This is my Baby Rocco a few years ago loving Bali  🙂