Dengue Fever is rife in Bali at the moment and I can not stress the importance of taking all precautions available to protect your children and yourself. Symptoms include severe headaches, aching joints, sore muscles, pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting and a rash within three to 14 days of being bitten. Dengue Fever is transmitted via mosquito bites so your first line of defence is your best form of protection so please consider:

  • Apply insect repellent to exposed skin. An effective repellent will contain 20% to 30% DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide).  Caution, DEET in high concentrations (>30%) may cause side effects, particularly with small children.
  • Avoid formulations containing more than 30% DEET. Use sprats in an open space to avoid breathing them in. Avoid applying repellent to the hands of toddlers, as they are likely to put their hands in their mouths.
  • Take your repellant out to restaurants and on tours or ask for some to use if it is an outdoor venue. Taxis and vehicles are also often full of mosquitos.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • Spray permethrin or DEET repellents on clothing, as mosquitos may bite through thin clothing.
  • Use mosquito netting over the bed and your babies cot. For additional protection, treat the mosquito netting with the insecticide permethrin.
  • Spray permethrin or a similar insecticide in your bedroom before going to bed. Some people recommend taking Vitamin B and ultrasound devices however these are not proven effective in preventing mosquito bites. 
  • I would also be cautious of using mosquito coils in enclosed areas due to toxins and links to lung cancer.
  • For those after a natural repellant perhaps , try the natural citronella stickers available at the Guardian Pharmacies or supermarkets for around 20 000 rupiah and you can stick them on the kids t-shirts, and also try Utama Spice Bug Gone Spray available from Supermarkets, Apoteks or the several cafes on the island. Its important to keep in mind that thousands of travellers do not contract Dengue Fever whilst travelling in Bali each year x