I love spotting cool pics on Instagram then seeking them out in Bali, this cute place is one of them. Smoothie Shop, Mandala Village is on the way to Balangan beach, in South Bali, depending on traffic perhaps half an hour from the airport. If you are in the area its a great place to grab a coffee or bite to eat. They have speedy fast wifi, a basket of toys for the kids and a really chilled out vibe with soothing sound track to match. I was desperate for some Eggs Benedict and this Eggs Florentine was the closest I could find in the area and was pretty good. The boys are totally hooked on smoothie bowls and this one did not disappoint. The brownie was also totally delectable. Smoothie Shop is right on a bend as you head around the corner so you could miss it so keep an eye out no the left hand side of the road. There is also ,shall we say a fairly eccentric, older shirtless Balinese guy that sits on the other side of the road just opposite kind of directing traffic in his own private universe, which you can’t miss as he points and waves at each passer by.