One of the most festive and celebrated Bali Hindu holidays after Nyepi, is Galungan, which occurs every 210 days and always on Wednesday. This 10 day celebration is where most of the island return to their village and celebrates with family and friends. You will see these pretty penjors being erected all across the island in celebration. The Bali Hindu holiday marks a time when family spirits return to the earth and are expecting to be entertained by significant feasts and rituals. Everyone dresses up in their finest traditional costumes and they feverishly clean their family compounds, clean their scooters and head off to temples to make offerings. Traditionally a pork offering is made to the temples and spicy “lawar’ dishes are shared. You may notice some business are closed and also roads are blocked off for processions. An awesome time to be in Bali to witness and particularly to photograph these celebrations which are completed with Kuningan.

Galungan DecGalungan Dec 2