So some of your kids may be heading for Bali for schoolies celebrations. You may like to consider discussing some of these tips:

  • Get them Travel Insurance and make sure they know what they will be and wont be covered for.
  • Consider a responsible adult chaperone ( or 2)
  • Buy an unlocked Mobile and put a Bali sim in it and have all the codes ready to call home.
  • Have this number on their phone, Bali International Medical Centre 361 761 263 Kuta and an Ambulance is available also.
  • Australian Consulate in Bali Call (+62 361) 241 118. For assistance with Missing Persons, Medical Evacuation, Lost passports, Legal Assistance.
  • Make sure the young people are aware of drink spiking, alcohol poisoning, methanol poisoning, prescription drug and magic mushroom overdose risks.
  • Encourage the young people to nominate 1 member of their group to remain sober each night.
  • To stay in pairs and never leave anyone out on the town on their own.
  • Condoms are essential as STD’s including HIV and Hepatitis are rife in Bali.
  • Always wear a helmet if they are going to rent a scooter in Bali.
  • Tattoo’s are forever( temporary tattoos can also scar)
  • Make sure they know that drug use, possession and dealing could lead to jail or Death Penalty. ( There are undercover police everywhere and fake drugs also being sold)
  • It would be great if they knew first aid.
  • An amorous pretty girl down the lane may relieve you of your watch, wallet, phone and camera, and may actually be a boy.
    Schoolies 2

and good luck xx