If you have ever stayed in a Villa whilst holidaying in Bali you will know what I mean. But, for those Australian travellers who have never stayed in a villa and have always stayed in a hotel in Bali, then you are really missing out on something special. Why? Because renting a Bali Villa is now flavour of the month for many Aussie tourists and the reasons are many.

Following are some reasons why renting your Bali Villa is so much better than staying in a resort or hotel:

Firstly, Bali Villas offer so much more privacy. If you are travelling in a group or as a family, you get to spend quality time with each other and not hundreds of other noisy guests. Imagine waking up in the morning, putting on your sarong, going for a swim in your own private pool with no one else around to disturb you. What a perfect way to start the day and it just keeps on getting better.

Most of the Bali Villas that we manage here at Bali Villa Escapes comes with in house staff. This means that after you leisurely and tranquil morning swim or spot of yoga, you can have your breakfast made for you by your very friendly villa staff. Fancy some eggs, fresh fruit with yoghurt, hot croissants , brewed coffee and some fresh juice? You can have that all made for you, generally included in the daily price of your Villa. And you get to eat all of this in your stunning, spacious dining room.

If you can imagine this scene then you are starting to get a better idea of what renting a villa in Bali is like. For many Australians, the lure of this level of service and luxury far out-weighs staying in a hotel any day.

I also want to make mention of the pricing factor. Villa accommodation works of to be far cheaper than staying in a hotel. For example, if you are comparing apples with apples then you would be paying around $300 – $400 per night for a hotel room that would offer the same level of accommodation. If you were to stay with a group in say a 3 bedroom villa the cost works out to be $100 per night per couple. You can see the cost saving right away. The money you save can be used for some of the awesome restaurants or shopping in and around the Seminyak area.

If you would like to try an alternative holiday experience and see what staying in a Villa is like for 1, 2 or even 3 weeks – make sure you go to the website: www.balivillaescapes.com.au browse through our range of over 500 hand picked villas, make your choice and get in touch with our reservation team. We make the villa booking process super easy and very fast. Plus unlike other villa booking website you will be paying in Australian dollars so you do not have to worry about currency fluctuations.

Go on give it a try – you will absolutely LOVE IT!

This post was brought to you by Steve and the Team at Bali Villa Escapes.

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