I was extremely fortunate enough to be able to try the Remede Spa at the The St. Regis Bali Resort, Nusa Dua. I only just managed to peel myself away from my private day bed which overlooked the salt water lagoon, it was hard however I managed. I have never had a couples massage nor a male therapist, but hey I trusted the high standards of this place. My husband and I sauntered around to the beautiful Spa which is located just near the gym. The beauty of this property is breath takingly relaxing and needless to say walking through the hanging sparkly things at the entrance we felt perfectly zen. The spacious open spa is decorated with the most beautiful butterfly art and I wish I had captured a few more shots however I am practicing living in the now ( so sorry you miss out on that until you go for yourself). We were seated with a delicious refreshment of some pretty pink juice and we were then escorted around to the elegant private couples room. Now this is where it went all slightly pear shaped. Please understand I am a little weird in that I have a slight paper undie ( also tissue, serviette, paper towel ) issue, not sure why I just really dislike them. I still manage to get through life ok, however when I asked the therapist if I could keep my own undies on, a slight miss understanding, left him firmly replying no ! Hence I of course complied. My husband laughing at me as he knows this would cause some minor distress, though in his own haste to put his paper undies on he poked a big hole in his with his clumsy thumb, and as I had pulled mine up only to feel as though I was wearing a shower cap on my private parts, we just lost it ( total snorting and crying hysterics type of laughing). We seem to have this thing of doing this at the most inappropriate times. So when the highly professional and quiet therapists returned they were slightly confused with our loudness, tears and fits of giggles. The more we tried to control it the more we laughed. We managed to get ourselves together when we lay on the ever so comfortable massage tables, and where covered by the beautifully soft quality linen, and then all my worries floated away. WOW a sensational massage with skilled professionals and to add that, when you turn over they raise the back of the massage table electronically so that you’re on a slight incline. Perfect for pregnancy massages I think. We left our paper undies behind and floated out for another refreshment, a thoroughly enjoyable experience, (despite the hole in the paper undies thing) I can highly recommend you book yourself in and pamper yourself. For all inquiries, email [email protected].