A very kind and generous friend mentioned I go and try an aura cleanse and palm reading by Agus Sihman Palm Reader & Life Counsellor.

She booked me in for for whole hog, 2.5 hour flower cleanse and let’s just say while I am very sceptical and don’t believe in magic, this experience was all kinds of intriguing.

Located perhaps 20 minutes from Ubud, you enter Agus’s compound and it is full of beautiful blooms, billowing colourful curtains and burning incense. You are asked to note down your name, date of birth, country in his log book.

When you meet him you will notice his giant, curling fingernails which are honestly a little freaky. He will offer you two sarongs, one to bathe in and one to wear after for your ceremony. He will then guide you to the flower bath. I followed his instructions carefully and did what I was told and meditated for a while (not sure how long) until he called me to dry off, change sarongs and enter the ceremony room. I did so and stood in front of him while he prayed/ meditated/ quietly chanted for some time.

At this point I must admit I was glancing around for some kind of camera as I felt like it was all a bit of a farce. He eventually came towards me and pressed down on my head and was shaking. He then move his hands to my upper chest (not in a creepy way at all) and other hand on my upper back and he continue to chant and pray whilst almost squeezing my chest.

Now this is where things got weird (good weird) as tears just started to stream down my face uncontrollably (and then the snot) which just kept coming and the more he chanted and shook, the more the tears rolled. Then eventually they subsided to a stop.

It felt as though he has literally sucked the deepest sadness out of my chest. The sense of relief was sensational.

He pressed my eyebrows and asked which hurt and it was the left and he said I had been consumed with the external part of my life and not enough internal exploration.

He did some sound healing and we asked for forgiveness from ourselves, family and friends and the universe.

He looked over my body with his magnifying glass (yep weird) then asked me to sit next to him on the daybed and he closely examined my left palm. This again where it was a little freaky.

He brought up dates of significance to me that only I could know, he challenged all my thoughts on some recent situations, he posed metaphorical questions to my decisions and opened my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking.

He gave me hope where I had felt helpless.

He held my hand tightly and made me face some very hard truths.

He spoke of my nature of which was 100% accurate. It was very empowering.

He squeezed all my fingers again looking for pain where there was none.

He said ‘yes you are in very good health’(Yay).

He then made me meditate in the dark, alone for ages and threw a heap of flowers on top of me (again another moment of WTF is happening now).

He then came and took me around his garden many times I lost count and got a little dizzy. I was not to look back or to the right or left only forward to future.

He prayed and chanted to me again.

He gave me a take home pack of tea, incense, a bracelet he had blessed and Cempaka oil he used to heal and had placed on my forehead.

I left Agus’s place feeling better, I must say and had a renewed sense of hope, optimism and strength. I know it’s all possibly smoke and mirrors and a s£#+ load of flowers, however I felt better for the experience.


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