Sometimes it’s really nice to get off the beaten track and do a little exploring by yourself, after chatting to a gorgeous woman on the beach this morning, she planted the seed in my mind, to head up the mountain. So when the husband came out of the surf we headed off with a tank of fuel, camera in hand, a little bit of cash, water and up we went. Off to a shaky start as the police were having a little meeting on the side of the road, but we seemed to sneak passed them. As the saying goes the journey is half the fun, and we saw coconuts drying, smelt a pig farm (vomit), road through the prettiest villages. Many smiles and a few puzzled looks (we are possibly the palest couple in Bali and perhaps they thought we were lost). We giggled at guy hanging off an embankment, doing some electrical work and installing a lamp post. I’m postive there was about 100 and Occ, Health and Safety breaches going on. We saw the most amazing views of the valley and river below from the top of the mountain, and in the distance you could see the ocean. When we stopped, the still, quiet, jungle sound was so beautiful, we sat and enjoyed it if only for a minute or two.

Thanks lady on the beach, you made our day xx