It would be such a shame to visit Bali and not enjoy some of the sensational local street food. I can totally appreciate that this can be somewhat risky with all advice suggesting the contrary. However, I do encourage those with a strong tummy and a sense of adventure to try it out. This post comes with a disclaimer however that I take no responsbility for any outcome ( well perhaps a little if you enjoy the food ) after consuming Bali street food. Nasi bungkus simply means takeaway rice, or wrapped food for on the go. You will see all the locals grabbing a Nasi campur ( a mixture of rice/ noodles , vegtables, curried fish, chilli chicken, tofu and usually some kind of an egg also.) usually wrapped in a banana leaf and a waxy type of paper. You simply choose white or yellow rice, then point and indicate how much you would like of each dish, the more you eat the more you pay, and off you go to enjoy. Beware some of the chili dishes are deliciously HOT ! My fave is the Ayam Pedas (chili chicken). When choosing a good warung or street food vendor, pick the most popular one ( the one with the most locals), eat early so the food is freshest (midday is good) , and ask the locals for recommendations on their favourites. Even if the stall adds on a little tourist tax it will still be the cheapest meal you have had for ages with a bottle of water the meal will be around the 30 000 IR price mark.