After some really unfortunate events occurring this past year for me, a Balinese Hindu friend suggested we head on out to Sebatu ( about 10 minutes from Ubud) for a Melukat purification ceremony. I’m of no particular religion and I really didn’t want to impose, however after being reassured we would be welcomed we decided to go on the adventure. We packed appropriate traditional attire and had all our required offerings, it was a full moon which adds more power to the ceremony. I gave some of the locals a giggle when I got changed in the car park rather than down near the water however on we pressed down a few hundred stairs ( one guy laughing as he told us there were 700 of them). We knelt down and prayed with a small flower 3 times, we waved the incense, we then lined up and walked on the slippery pebbles, in the icy cold water. After inquiring if I could just splash myself a little, I was told no I need to get into it entirely I held my breath and lay back. We then submerged ourselves under the freezing waterfall and then once truly cleansed we went and repeated the prayer ritual ( I didn’t drink the water as others were doing). We changed ( definitely not for shy people as there are not private facilities) into our traditional attire and returned to pray once more and provide the appropriate offerings. The water at times goes dark and murky and this represents the negativity leaving the body. We were so cold and a little overwhelmed and forgot to look at the colour of the water. I am looking forward to seeing how my cleansed karma pans out. This is not really a tourist attraction as such as you need to prepare all the required offerings to participate. It would also not be appropriate to just observe as at this particular place its a pretty confined area. It is not suitable if you are not particularly fit or are elderly due to the many slippery stairs to climb. It was an amazing adventure and very emotional for me to be a part of and I am extremely grateful. If you have some Balinese Hindu friends perhaps ask them if they could take you in small groups if you are particularly interested. There are a few other water temples around the island where you can also particpate in this ritual.
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