Masakan Padang – Lombok Senggigi. After sampling a few of the alleged top 10 places to eat according to Trip Advisor ( which I am now sure is somehow totally rigged) we headed to something more familiar and loved. Masakan Padang is a type or warung which the food originated from West Sumatra, popular all over Bali, Indonesia and Singapore, you will find this type of place everywhere, not fancy but very cheap, even with a little tourist tax on top, you can point and nod according to which dish you think looks tasty to add to your nasi, the more meat the more the price goes up. This little place was pretty good in central Senggigi, Lombok. Very high in calories as it is all mostly deep fried and contains heaps of coconut milk. Many of the dishes also contain offal. Its a tasty place for a quick meal or takeaway. Be ware of the sambal however as it is good and very hot, and I can not guarantee hygiene standards, ( you may get Bali Belly if you have a bit of a sensitive tummy).
padang 2

padang 3