I cant focus on work, my mind starts to wander, when I am sitting in traffic, making dinner, as I drift off to sleep, its all I think about.

Dreaming about my upcoming getaway to Nusa Lembongan.

Its been around 6 years since we last visited, I was hesitant as I know there has been considerable development during this time. However I have been Googling, stalking Instagram accounts, getting hot tips and asking for advise (yes I admit I even resorted to glancing at Trip Advisor).

I like to know ‘What’s the exchange rate like, can you pick up pre paid sims, which sim card gets the best coverage, where is the best massage, cocktail, snorkelling location and nasi campur”?

Not long to go now, my bags are packed I am ready !

I cant wait to share all that I find and LOVE about Nusa Lembongan stay tuned !

Thanks to The Lembongan Traveller for organising our pick up and boat transfers. This stunning pic was taken by @molamolahouse.

Mola Mola