I totally get that when researching Villas for your next Bali trip, you can get overwhelmed in the maze of villas. With clever and sometimes just misleading blurbs and marketing spiels, it can become outright painful yet should be really enjoyable. Keep calm and consider these tips when searching for the best villa for you in Bali:


Consider closely if the location is right for you. There are many cheap villas in bad locations. They may say Seminyak, however this is a big area.

How old is the Villa?

Buildings do not last in Bali possibly due to the weather and poor construction. They age quickly and at times can be poorly maintained.

The size of the pool?

The website may say pool, however it may actually be more like a bucket.

What is the size of the villa and garden?

Even some of the expensive villa’s are tiny and can make you feel very claustrophobic and closed in.

Alang Alang (grass) roof thatching

In my experience, this can mean more mosquitoes and leaks in the rainy season. Just keep an eye on it, you may require a mosquito net as well as a spray.

Pool and pond safety

Many villas have small ponds and pools. Unless your children can swim, you may wish to avoid these or provide around-the-clock supervision. My friends toddler tragically drowned in Bali even when surrounded by friends and family (Rest in Peace KF, may you forever be in our hearts and memory) . You can hire pool fences, and some villas will put them up on request.

Are transfers and breakfast included in the price quoted?

Don’t assume these are included.

Is there 24-hour Security?

Is there a safe in the Villa to store your valuables?

Does the décor and style match your taste?

Personally I don’t like dark villas on an overcast day. You can’t see a thing 🙁

Is the pool in the sun?

Sometimes pools can be really cold if shaded all day.

You can try to negotiate the price down

i.e. for repeat customers, last-minute bookings, etc. Use absolute politeness.

Do your research

Check as many websites for reviews and comments, and gather as many opinions as you can. Even though we all have varying opinions, common themes may present and actual facts about a villa, as opposed to what the Villa’s website my claim. Also, keep in mind what is important to one person may be different to another such as the quality of breakfast, the view, privacy, or plain and simple amenities. If you are not happy when you arrive at your villa, speak to the General Manger very politely and in a calm manner, and discuss your concerns immediately. Indonesians do not deal well with confrontation and you will reach a better outcome with respect and calmness.