Many, many years ago we would all be packed into a cramped bus, doing hundreds of pick ups from all around the island to get onto a small open boat. The stench of back packers B.O and sweaty/hungover people who had literally just stumbled out of the Bounty was putrid and and the whole trip would take most of the day. Wow how things have changed, now you can be picked up from your hotel or villa in the comfort of an air conditioned car, be escorted to a shady spot while your luggage is packed and whisked over to Lembongan within half an hour. You are there before you know it or can say ‘pass me my spew bag’ ( take some Antimo Pills they work a treat ) and then you can jump in the back of a little people mover and assisted with your luggage right to your island accommodation. Leave it to the team at Rocky Fast Cruises to take care of you. With 4 boats leaving each day you can make the most of a day trip or your holiday and explore all the beauty that Nusa Lembongan has to offer. If you want some help with all things Lembongan then chat to the team at The Lembongan Traveller as they truly are the experts. xxx

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