Nusa Lembongan is the small island just of the coast of Bali. It only takes half an hour by fast boat these days from Sanur. Lembongan is ideal for surfers, divers, snorkelers and for anyone wanting a really relaxed laid back holiday. There is no shopping or upmarket restaurants, no nightclubs and not much traffic. There are no cars as such mainly push bikes, motor bikes, water taxis and a few open backed people movers to transport luggage and guests to their accommodation and between restaurants. I would pack as light as possible, and only what you can carry ( almost like hand luggage size or back packs) although with some transfers the guys will carry things for you, help them out and pack light). Keep in mind as you need to get in and out of cars, get onto boats etc and depending on where you are staying possibly walk up the beach or stairs to get to your accommodation. There are no jetty’s or wharfs as such so depending on the swell and sea conditions will depend if you get wet or not while getting onto the boats and Rocky Fast Cruises are the best. If you are prone to sea sickness grab some Antimo tablets or sachets for the kids and take them an hour before hand pack a few spew bags also for the little ones if you are not sure as we had a kid behind us spewing his little heart out the hole trip) . The main bay, Jungut Batu has the most beautiful crystal clear water at low tide and several popular surf breaks including Ship Wrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds each catering from beginners to pro levels. Mushroom Bay is nice for a swim and some great people watching and I think you can get on the banana boat ride too if you wish. Stand Up paddle boarding is popular along most of the beaches and you will pay around 100 000 per hour to hire a SUP. Dream beach is beautiful for a swim in low tide and had a great little restaurant with pool to enjoy a few hours for a small fee of around 50 000 rup per person.  The currents around Lembongan are notorious and deadly so you really must keep your wits about you at all time, let people know where you are going and when your are due back, do not do things beyond your capacity, keep a very close eye and know your children’s capabilities. I would not be heading to Lembongan if you had complex medical issues as there is no hospital and only 1 small Doctors clinic which was rarely open. I would perhaps also consider changing your money in Sanur before you go for a slightly higher rate. There are several reputable money changes and some ATM’s however they can run out of cash and the exchange rate was a little lower. You can get all your basic supplies in the small local shops however I would certainly take a large amount of quality sun block as it is super hot when the sun is out. Things like nappies, wipes etc were also fairly tricky to locate so I would suggest you bring them with you. You can take your own snorkels, goggles and fins however most of the guys providing boat trips can supply these with vests for smaller children and adults at times. On your boat trips enjoy seeing the giant manta rays, loads of tropical fish and coral, feed the giant fish around near the mangroves or if your’re lucky enough you may bump into a few sea turtles. The water is warm and beautiful however I need to repeat the currents are very, very strong so keep your children very, very close and make sure people know where you are going stick with the group and don’t venture too far from your boat. Most boat trips depending on who you book through and how long you are going for are around 120 00 per person or 500 000 for a few hours, pop in and see Made at the Sea Coral Shop at the bottom of the stairs in the main bay just near the boat drop offs and he will sort you out. Transport around the island is walking, push bikes, open aired trucks, motor bikes( you can hire golf buggies)  or water taxi. The roads are in poor condition in most places, full of pot holes etc which is kind of ok as it keeps the traffic slow. To hire a motor bike expect to pay between 70 000 – 75 000 rup per day. You can get people who will take you on the back of their bike also ( sorry not sure how much they charge). Keep in mind if you have an accident on the motorbike your travel insurance may not cover you for medical expenses. Grab a map and perhaps familiarise yourself with the main roads and routes around the island, it is larger than it seems and there are some signs about, and all roads do almost lead you to where you are heading. Be careful if you are riding the motor bike for chickens crossing the road and highway bandits around the island ( small kids selling bracelets and trinkets which wont let you pass without a high-five and a few purchases). At the northern end is a vast mangrove forest and the most magnificent views of Mt Agung and at the other end you can cross the yellow bridge over to Nusa Cenigan. The much larger island which is what you can see from Bali is actually Nusa Penida ( this is the most magnificent place for diving and exploring will do more posts about Crystal Bay etc which is only about 20 minutes by boat to get to) You can enjoy day trips to Nusa Lembognan if you plan in advance and know where you are heading to make the most of your day. I do think its better to enjoy a few days or more to really get into the relaxed island vibe and take your time to explore all the beauty this little island has to offer. The accommodation on the island starts with the most basic bungalows which are just a bed and possible a toilet from around 200 000 Rupiah per night, a little more fancy with a shower and possibly small pool right on the ocean in the main bay including TarciBungalows,  Ketut’s Losman, Mainski, and Nusa Indah are in a great location for easy access to the surf and for families wanting beach access. Tigerlillys is not on the beach however a really nice small boutique resort on the main road  and for more upmarket stays perhaps have a look at the beautiful  Indiana Kenanga in the main bay Batu Karang up on the hill or even the Hai Tide Huts around in Mushroom Bay.  There are some stunning villas located around the island also however I am yet to check them out. Keep your eyes on my Facebook page and Instagram account for loads of photos tips and places to see for a drink, coffee, to eat and hang out ! I will also be adding them to the Little Miss Bali App when I get time ! Yehhaaaa we LOVE Lembongan.