Consider travelling with ear plugs, or grab some from the Apotek ( chemist ).

Bali is a vibrant yet noisy island and if you really want to enjoy some sleep then you may benefit greatly having these on hand.

Anything and everything from:

  • motorbikes,
  • noisy neighbours,
  • late arrivals /early departures from the hotel,
  • construction sites,
  • night clubs,
  • aeroplanes overhead ( louder in Alang Alang thatched roof villas and hotels),
  • fireworks,
  • roosters,
  • dogs,
  • cats,
  • insects (more so on the Bukit and Ubud),
  • calls to prayer,
  • geckos,
  • or partners snoring (after a few too many bintangs),

these little ear plugs can be your savior.

After all everyone loves a good night sleep. 🙂

Ear Plugs for Travelling

Ear Plugs for Travelling