This waterfall near Ubud is known by two names depending on which village you come through. We came via Blangsinga Waterfall as our driver thought there may be slightly lessĀ stairs for my mum to come down. Not sure that was entirely true though, hahah.

Only 15 minutes drive from Komune Resort in Keramas, 20min drive from Ubud, or perhaps 50 minutes from Kuta/Legian or Seminyak. This waterfall was absolutely stunning. You can swim in the pool at the bottom however its really cold but refreshing. The stacked stones which I thought might have a spiritual or cultural meaning are apparently place to warn tourists to stay away from slippery areas and to help prevent erosion and collapse.

There are many stairs so its a pretty sweaty walk back to the car park but just go slow and enjoy the view from each angle and vantage point. There is a small shop at the top for cool drinks and to get in to see the waterfall its just 10 000 Rupiah.

My dad who is a young 69 year old, did it easily however mum, who has dodgy knees, tends to get a little wobbly and is not a fan of heights, made it to the top of the waterfall with the help of our gorgeous driver by her side. Beau and I in our Bali hiking boots (Beau bare food and I had Havianas on) made it up and back with no problems just with typical sweat moustaches which are part and parcel of Bali.

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