We have been hanging out here a fair bit, it may be because of the coffee, the hugs from Sabtu, the chocolate brownies, the fast wifi or just because its totally great. Situated on the main drag the Bali Eco Deli is making a difference one plastic straw and bottle at a time. They have the coolest recylcing program going on, offer the funky metal drink bottles to purchase and refils and are really challenging our use of plastic. As you know we have been adjusting to carrying around our glass straws and feeling proud that we have possibly avoided around 25 straws now, I know that doesnt seem like much but hey I am trying. Although upon reading the sign about god and the kittens my kids are a little disturbed smile emoticon. Rocco is a massive fruit lover and Beau well he has a choc shake additction so pictured here with all his dreams coming true with a choc brownie into the shake he says ” is there really a brownie in there ?”. Anyway pop in and refil your water bottle, catch up on Facebook and Instagram and enjoy.