Mini Boutique Inner Temple Retreats ~ Enjoy a 5 day Mini Retreat and escape to the sanctuary just near Batu Belig beach that is Inner Temple Retreats. An excellent price at around $A700 per person. Set within the most beautiful, calming gardens and traditional Balinese style villa. The retreat offers a unique experience focusing on the positivity within. If your are wanting a get away and enjoy the chance to explore Hatha Yoga, massages, spa treatments and more, Inner Temple Retreats work exclusively with small groups of participants. You have the option to embark on a creative art project and can make use of the private concierge services. Contact Emma and discuss all that this unique experience has to offer. Can you picture yourself sitting by the pool, lazying through the day after some morning yoga, focused on some artwork in feeling the warmth after a dip in the pool and being served a chilled coconut while the birds and bees buzz around you. Ommmmm Shanti xxxx


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