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~ WAR DANCE / MEKARE-KAREAN~ . The Pandanus war is a tradition in the village of Tenganan just over an hour from Kuta. Pandanus war is conducted in honor of Lord Indra who is known by the Tenganan community as the protector of their village. Lord Indra is the God of war in the Balinese belief system. The name Pandanus War is taken from the war ornaments that were used, in this case a thorny pandanus branch. Each participant battles each other until a winner is decided. People who engage in this tradition wear traditional clothes and are often shirtless. In addition to using a pandanus, participants also use a shield as a means of protection. The tradition of Pandanus war was first used in the surrounding villages for protection against Gods

This traditional War dance happens in July 4th, 2015 if you are keen to witness this authentic Balinese experience for only 400 000 rupiah per person, please book soon via Rio Bali Tours
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