Whilst Balinese Officials debate solutions to the growing issue of tiny newborn babies being abandoned in the streets like rubbish, 3 lonely little souls await clearance from local hospitals to be released to the gorgeous Vivi and her team at Metta Mama & Maggha Foundation. With gut wrenching stories of abandonment due to being born outside of marriage, to very young mothers, into absolute poverty or with health issues which parents could never manage to cope with. These tiny little humans will soon join the smiling baby Kissa ( photo by the gorgeous rowe timson photography) to be in safe loving arms, in this beautiful little sanctuary. Since opening only last year Vivi has been inundated with requests not only to help the babies, a new need has arisen to help abandoned young mothers. If you would to help grow and support this wonderful project provide a loving, nurturing environment and give these little cherubs the best chance possible, please consider donating a dollar or two. My gorgeous friends Balis Best Babysitting, Mini Muncher Baby Food Bali , Bali Baby and I have set up this You Care Fund Me to which every cent will be donated to Vivi and her team. You Care ! https://www.youcaring.com/bali-orphans-metta-mama-baby-orphanage-bali-548427