I am frequently asked to suggest Orphanages for tourists to donate toys and old clothes and visit an orphanage to demonstrate to their own children that there are people in the world that are a lot less well off. Whilst I totally appreciate the sentiment of generosity. I think it is important to keep in mind that the Orphanage is a refuge, a safe haven, a home. The babies, children and young people in the orphanage should be entitled to total privacy and dignity. Whilst charities struggle to raise awareness of their needs without offering the open door policy. Please consider the true reasons behind visiting, is it for your benefit or for the babies and children’s. Most ethically run Charities will be able to provide you with a list of what is urgently needed and more often than not they require food, medicine and cash donations. Have a read of this eye opening article;


If you have been wanting to contribute to an ethically run transparent, vital, not for profit in Bali then consider supporting Bali Kid’s. Having worked with homeless young people for close on 18 years myself, I support this program whole heartedly. Every Rupiah counts, what may be small change to you could be providing basic life provisions such as food, water, medicine, care and shelter to an infant, child or young person. Give back to the island which has offered you and your family so much xxx