1. Eat Nasi Campur at local Warungs.
  2. Get a Balinese Massage everyday.
  3. Sunset Bintangs at a beach bar.
  4. Early morning walks enjoying the fresh wafts of incense from the offerings.
  5. Do a power shop along the entire Jl Legian / Jl Seminyak Raya Street.
  6. Share a pizza and a few cocktails at one of the many fabulous Beach clubs.
  7. Get a manicure, pedicure and hair treatment.
  8. Go and bargain hard for some new sarongs and t-shirts at the markets.
  9. Head up to Ubud for a day trip.
  10. Go for a snorkel way out East at the Blue Lagoon.
  11. Get my laundry done to smells divine and remind me of perfect family holidays ??
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