This is the beautiful Green Bowl Beach, A popular white sandy/surf beach which was named from the roundish rocks which protrude at high tide with green seaweed on them I believe. Not sure why but all my friends have always called it Green Balls. Either way its kind of near Nusa Dua in South Bali and most transport guys can get you there. There is possible nearly 1000 stairs to walk down ( which is all fine as you get close to the beautiful turquoise water, however you do realise your may be in a little trouble when your legs are a little shaky when you get to the bottom and think oh oh I have to climb back up them. We popped down in late afternoon and enjoyed the serenity while Brad surfed. However ……. as you all well know Rocco and I are not fond of monkeys and I sat in the shade of the caves and Roc threw a coconut around I could hear rustling in the trees above. I thought to myself I hope Roc cant see what I can see as these huge monkeys slowly clambered down to see if we had any treats for them. Roc came tearing out of the waves to say mummmm , quick we have to leave there are monkeys. We packed up headed back to the stairs, the tide had risen and a huge wave pushed us onto the rocks so my towels were all wet and Brad had started the journey up. Roc was getting hysterical as the monkeys followed and for some reason he started to say MUMMMM they are going to eat our skin off , which panicked me more. He become frozen with fear, I was feeding off his fear whilst Brad was yelling ‘just walk don’t look at them’. HAHAHA I can laugh now. Anyway we got to the top and as I was gasping for air ( not too fit at the moment) a gorgeous man came over and handed me a baby coconut for rehydration. I see Brad and Rocco heading straight for the car I take a breather at the café … then these incredibly forceful Ibu’s ( ladys) with the most muscly fingers ever start massaging me in a group of three. I say “tidak terimakashi ” repeatedly, but they just want some cash. I try to finish my coconut while Brad and Roc a laughing at my predicament from the safety of the car. I get up to run from the mean old ladies who don’t take no for an answer to only have a thong blow out and stubb my toe. !!! Arggggggg anyway don’t let this little adventure put you off. It is a stunning piece of Bali which should be enjoyed with caution including flesh eating monkeys( harmless) 1000 stairs ( great for your butt) , aggressive massaage ladies ( avoid eye contact at all costs and get straight into your car and get your driver to get you a refreshments from the little warungs ). For more great beach suggestions download the Little Miss Bali App and see the Beaches Worth Exploring section.